I'm a first year, single honours Drama student. I've been making videos on my YouTube channel, DaniSurname, for almost 2 years and don't see myself stopping in the near future. My other interests are street photography (currently) and reading (classics but not too classic, i.e. older than me but not too much older).


Everyman Review: Theatre that’s Relevant to Now

Cocaine, glitter and vaguely Shrek-looking masks definitely outlined the National Theatre’s production of Everyman as being vastly different from the original, but in this video I discuss how these choices made the play relatable to the kind of people we are today, while still remaining true to its original purpose. Video description on YouTube: ‘To […]

3 Reasons Why Studying Drama in London is Awesome

Cosmopolitan Capital. International city of stuff. Centre of important things and whatnot. Whatever London is, choosing to study here was one of the best decisions I ever made. Boost my Ego Elsewhere: YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/DaniSurname Twitter – https://twitter.com/DaniSurname/ Tumblr – http://weburntthebooks.tumblr.com/ Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/itstartedwithnadir/ Pinterest – http://gb.pinterest.com/daniharvey25/

Performances that Changed Lives

I individually asked a group of 1st year Drama students at my University about a performance that changed their lives and why. A mixture of excitement and profundity, the answers were touching and made me smile all the way through this process. Boost my Ego Elsewhere: YouTube – https://twitter.com/DaniSurname/ Twitter – https://twitter.com/DaniSurname/ Tumblr – http://weburntthebooks.tumblr.com/ […]