Mental Health Support for Students and Staff

Suzi Lewis and Rupert Dannreuther have completed the QMUL-organised Mental Health First Aid training recently. They are now Mental Health First Aiders for the School and can help you find support.

During office hours they can be contacted in cases of mental health emergencies, whether these involve students or staff. Outside office hours please use the QM emergency number (0207 882 3333), or call 999.

Rupert and Suzi have been trained to listen non-judgementally, recognise warning signs of crisis and mental health conditions, and know about and can advise on professional help within Queen Mary, and where it is available from other providers. Their training can also help them recognise situations where someone may be in immediate danger when we should call 999 or 0207 882 3333 on campus.

Suzi and Rupert can be contacted during the SED Admin Office opening hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm, and 2pm to 5pm) as follows:

Rupert x8910, email; Suzi x8560, email

Here’s a reminder of the sources of help for students and staff at Queen Mary:

1. Advice and Counselling Service (ACS): Offers frontline advice and counselling services to students.

2. Disability and Dyslexia Service (DDS): Offers support for all students with disabilities, specific learning difficulties and diagnosed mental health issues.

3. For QMUL staff (and their friends and family) only:

  • Workplace Options: A confidential phone helpline and online services who can organise counselling, give advice on where to get help and support.
  • Opening hours: 24/7
  • Call: 0800 243 458 (username and password not required)
  • Email:
  • Website: (username: queenmary and password: employee is required).

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