Queen Mary at Edinburgh Festivals 2017

This year we’re delighted to see so many of our students and friends up at the world’s biggest arts festival.


This year Queen Mary Theatre Company is taking 4 shows up to Edinburgh Fringe for 2017 until 26 August 2017.

  • Dead Men Tell No Tale: Join Captain Dreadfist and his crew as they attempt to awaken the mighty Titan of the Depths from his slumber.
  • Space Dogs The true story of Russian stray dogs, Strelka and Belka, lifts off in this historical comedy-drama chronicling the Space Race during the Cold War.
  • WAGGO The bizarre high-school experience no-one can relate to…WAGGO is an energetic, absurd, coming-of-age comedy.
  • Givin’ It Some ‘Givin’ It Some’ is a fun, fast-paced, dirty, edgy, enlightening insight into the taboos of sex – today.

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Students, Alumni, Staff and Friends

  • Figs in Wigs are back with their show Often Onstage.
  • Elf Lyons is up with her wonderfully weird show Swan.
  • Sh*t Theatre are at the festival celebrating Dolly Parton in their latest piece.
  • Jerry Brotton talks about the links between England and the Islamic world at Edinburgh Book Festival.
  • Wardrobe Ensemble present their new show about education.

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